Our Story


EOZ, French manufacturer of keyboards, components and customized interfaces Human Machine quality solutions.

From the miniature switch vandal button, the standard keyboard to the front panel integrated techniques evolve, progress and become more complex.

The EOZ structure was born from this need and continues in this direction his search for solutions of the future.

Created in 2011 to meet the adaptation and performance requirements in extremely diverse industries;

EOZ has adapted its functional structure that expertise is more organic and thus develop its versatility in serving our clients.

Distributed in over 15 countries worldwide, we strive to perpetuate the legacy SECME through the years.

EOZ of SECME to a long French experience:

  • 1932 : Creation of the SECME society; it is considered one of the oldest French companies specialized in electromechanical components.
  • 1998 : SECME becomes EAO SECME S.A.S (EAO Group).
  • 2010 : Birth of EOZ S.A.S from the purchase of the majority of the assets of EAO SECME S.A.S by Mr. Loïc Gauthier and Ms. Audrey Marques.

SECME heir to the brand, we provide a range of products ranging from keyboards, components to customized human machine interfaces.

A pioneer in the electronics industry in France, SECME brand has always been synonymous with quality and durability.

Today EOZ puts on center stage this octogenarian brand by perpetuating this glorious heritage.


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